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Which pads do I use with the eebrake?

The eebrake is designed to work with all Shimano compatible pads. The embrake set screw-less pad holder is most user friendly (especially for those who switch pads often).

Does the eebrake have the same reach adjustment as other brakes?

The eebrake is designed with the same reach adjustment as the Shimano DuraAce brakes.

Does the eebrake work with the wider rims currently available today?

Yes, the eebrake (2014 and later) works without qualification with all the widest rims up to 28mm wide. See the eebrake instructions for rim width set up.

Does the eebrake work well with all levers including the lower leverage Shimano 7900/9000 levers?

Yes, The 7900/9000 lever reduces leverage from the previous levers about 20%. The current eebrake’s leverage has been increased slightly to have plenty of power the 7900/9000 levers while still providing razor sharp modulation the standard leverage levers (SRAM and Campy). Note: many variables such as pad/rim combinations and the pad height adjustment within the brake arm height adjustment slot also have a large effect on braking feel and power.

Do the eebrake bearings need lubrication?

No. The eebrake uses bearings that have lubricant properties built into the bearing material matrix. The bearing’s lubrication properties are not significantly affected by the application of oil or water. A chain lube type light oil can be used in the dirtiest and wettest conditions to smooth actuation if desired. A small drip on each bushing will work its way into the bearing surfaces.

Is dirt and water a problem for the eebrake?

No, not to any greater extent than other brakes. Clean, dry and dirt free brakes work best. Some additional friction and wear occurs on brakes that are operated in dirty, wet environments. Chain lube type light oil can be used in the dirtiest and wettest conditions to smooth actuation if desired. A small drip on each bushing will work its way into the bearing surfaces.

Do the bearings wear out and are the eebrake bearings replaceable?

Everything wears out at some point, but wearing the eebrake bearings is very unlikely. The eebrake’s bearings are designed to provide years of trouble free service. If by the remote chance that a bearing is wears out or is damaged, eecycleworks will replace them for free plus the shipping cost.

What is the best way to clean the eebrake?

Standard bike cleaning methods are fine for the eebrake. As with all bike parts, leaving water on and in parts after cleaning promotes corrosion and effects part longevity. After washing, blowing parts dry with compressed air is recommended. A dry toothbrush works very well to the clean the eebrake between washings.

Why are titanium parts to be lubricated with anti-seize grease?

Titanium is a very strong and light material, but when used for nuts and bolts, they may gall if not lubricated. Un-greased fasteners may also ‘stick’ as they are tightened and may seize becoming locked in place with mating parts (galvanic corrosion). Note: Many fasteners on the eebrake come pre-coated with a lubricant as of late 2014.

What is the maximum tire size that will fit with eebrakes?

As of late 2014, eebrakes will accommodate up to 28c tires under normal circumstances. Many factors affect the tire-brake clearance. The actual maximum tire size that will fit is determined by considering all relevant factors.

Please consider these important factors when determining large tire compatibility:

Marked tire size is not always representative of the actual measured tire size. Actual size varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Also, actual tire size is affected by rim width and inflation pressure.
The brakes’ ability to provide tire clearance is affected significantly by the frame and fork brake mounting location relative to the wheel. Frames and forks that have brake mounting points relatively close to the wheel provide limited tire clearance for large tires.