Lightweight, Powerful & Precise Control

The eebrake delivers what every cyclist wants in a high-performance brake-- superior power and control in the lightest possible package. Lightweight bike parts get you up to top speed with less effort. Eventually, you will have to slow down. Whether you are flying down a twisty mountain road or with 75 of your best friends in a way tight criterium, and grab the brake lever, eebrakes will deliver real stopping power with razor sharp control.

The eebrake is the ultimate brake from start to finish-- a unique and patented design developed and refined by relentless engineering, both at the computer and through real-life testing.... all executed with attention to every detail, precision craftsmanship and use of only the highest quality materials.

The best braking power and modulation are products of absolute brake stiffness and optimized leverage. Our patented design uses direct load paths, minimum torsional/out-of-plane bending, and the "big and hollow" approach to minimize weight and maximize stiffness. (Have you noticed the "Big and hollow" approach in the many bike parts that are getting bigger, lighter and stiffer, such as frames, handlebars and cranks?) The eebrake design was optimized with extensive use of finite element analysis (FEA). This incredibly powerful tool allows design/stress optimization not possible with traditional prototype/testing methods and is one of our standard in-house tools at eecycleworks.

All this looks good on paper and on the computer screen but let's be honest, no one rides on either of those. The real question is, "Does the design work really work?" The short answer, "OH YA!" The wide stance and vise like look of the eebrake translates directly into outstanding braking performance. Optimized leverage and modulation is realized through our multiple lever system. Our efficient structure does this all with a minimum weight; less than 200 grams per complete brake set with pads.


Really Quick Release

eebrakes' "quick strut" quick release opens wide enough to easily clear a 28mm tire. One simple flip of the lever allows quick and easy wheel removal. No more jamming the tire between the brake pads on wheel changes.

Change brake pads with ease

Change brake pads easily without tools or fighting with the common supper tight force fit. Our patented system uses Shimano style pads, allows for easy pad installation and removal without the use of tools. No more little set screw. This pad holder provides positive pad retention and makes changing pads a snap.


Rock-Solid Core. with Adjustability

Like any structure that is designed to apply force and resist it, a strong foundation is key to the structure's strength and stiffness. The eebrake's hollow 1/2" diameter eccentric caliper mounting bolt is super stiff. This unique mounting bolt provides the rock solid foundation on which we mount our caliper and provides these key benefits:

1) brake pads are easily and quickly centered on the rim through rotating the caliper on the mounting bolt. The caliper is locked in perfect adjustment with a standard 5mm pinch bolt. No more re-adjusting the fixing bolt after initial installation or messing with tensioning screws to align the brake pads. Both the installation and first-time setup are simple and quick thanks to the mounting bolt design.

2) "dual range" pad height adjustment: a 180-degree rotation of the eccentric mounting bolt moves the caliper vertically to either a high or low height setting. The pad height fine adjustments are made in the traditional way by moving the pads up or down on the arms. Because brake leverage can change dramatically due to a wide range of pad adjustment on the arms of traditional road brakes, the eebrake's short and stocky arms minimize brake leverage change from pad height adjustment, moving the brake as a part of the adjustment and not just the pads. Toe-in and camber adjustments are provided via a traditional conical washer system on the pad holder.

3) our "off-center brake placement" feature allows the caliper to be moved sideways and centered over wheels that aren't dished perfectly or are off-center for whatever reason. Rotating the eccentric mounting bolt slightly moves the caliper laterally to ensure that if your wheel alignment is off, with a slight adjustment to your brakes, your braking will still be consistent and reliable.

Clean Cable Path Provides Superior Aerodynamics

eebrake's feature a unique, "Cross Cable Path" that aligns the brake cable over the center of the brake nut. This alignment provides a graceful, clean line and moves cables into the "wind shadow" of the frame, providing an aerodynamic advantage over traditional brakes with their cable off to one side of the caliper.

Perfect Cable Alignment

The eebrake cable adjuster pivots as the brake is applied, optimizing cable alignment during brake actuation. That means, as the brake lever is squeezed, you get even and efficient braking power.

Consistent Pad Movement

The key to eebrake’s precision symmetrical pad movement is the “Mini Link” pad travel proportioning system. The “mini link” system controls the pad actuation symmetrically, ensuring precise and consistent brake pad travel to the rim…on both sides. Consistent travel equals no more annoying readjustments.